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Proudly delivering the finest landscaping maintenance in Columbus

In 1971 at the age of 15, Garry McGovern with permission started using his parents Lawn-Boy push mower to mow the neighbor's lawns for $2.00. At 16 he was able to buy his first used pickup to help with his business. While in high school, he went to West High School to study Horticultural. At the age of 18 he was asked to come to work for the Cletus E. Bash Landscape Co. at the wage of $1.79 an hour.



"Thank you so much for the excellent services over the last eight years. You have been so dependable and I know the people in Shadow Oaks appreciate you also. I wish the best for you and your family. If I have a need in the future I will certainly give you a call. ~Anita"


"Thanks for all your work, the yard looks great. ~Donna & Ed"


"Thanks for being so careful around my flowers. ~Julie"

Our Services

A Wide Range of Services

Top level landscaping involves many different aspects and we do them all, from design to execution to maintenance. Our main landscaping services are to the below

From weed removal to winter plant protection, our residential landscaping maintenance services in Columbus encompass all the tasks needed to keep your outdoor space looking its best regardless of the season. Because every yard is different, we tailor our lawn mowing and leaf blowing schedules to perfectly match your home so you'll always have the services you need without unnecessary services.

In addition to standard home landscaping work, Mcgovern Landscape Management LLC is also your partner for more complex tasks, such as garden cultivation, insect removal, tree trimming, and much more. We believe that a great yard is not just a trimmed lawn - it's an area where every element works together to create a beautiful outdoor space that you and your family will love.

If you're like many of our clients in Columbus, then the work needed to maintain an immaculate yard can seem daunting to say the least. With the help of Mcgovern Landscape Management LLC, you'll have a trusted partner that can take care of all landscaping tasks at a minimal cost but with unmeasurable benefits.

Call Mcgovern Landscape Management LLC at 614-833-6913 to start developing a customized landscaping maintenance plan built with your home in mind.

For many Columbus commercial landscapers, doing the bare minimum is enough. In contrast, Mcgovern Landscape Management LLC believes that when we're contracted for scheduled maintenance, your commercial property should look great all the time. We'll go the extra mile to make that happen with a team of experienced landscapers that believe in quality service.

We've found that what works best for our commercial clients in Columbus is to start with a detailed visit to determine the exact landscaping work needed and how frequently it should be performed. One of the Mcgovern Landscape Management LLC specialists will come to your property and work with you to create a customized plan for mowing, trimming, leaf blowing, and other tasks.

One of the benefits of using Mcgovern Landscape Management LLC for your commercial landscaping needs is our adaptability. We understand the disturbance that landscaping can create and that's why all of our services are available during off-hours or times when that disturbance will be minimal. In addition, it's easy to mix and match landscaping services as your needs change.

When you want a professional landscaper tailored to fit your business, choose Mcgovern Landscape Management LLC by calling 614-833-6913.

Nearly all Columbus property owners have visions of a perfectly manicured outdoor space, but turning ideas into reality is a different matter. Mcgovern Landscape Management LLC knows how to take these ideas, improve them, and create a unique outdoor space that makes you proud of your property. Our thorough approach will ensure that no detail is overlooked and that the final product is complete in every way.

Most people think of landscape design as being simply an exercise in choosing which plants go where, but the truth is that top firms understand there is much more to the process. A Mcgovern Landscape Management LLC landscape design starts with plant selection and placement but will also include factors like patio design, entertainment area planning, and a maintenance schedule that will keep the space looking great.

At Mcgovern Landscape Management LLC, we always focus on functionality first - maximizing the usable space and presenting an attractive appearance at the same time. Our designs can be found throughout the city and many of the top outdoor spaces are created by us.

For landscape design that elevates your Columbus property to a living work of art, call Mcgovern Landscape Management LLC at 614-833-6913.

Grass cutting is a major time consuming operation and maintenance of any turf grass area. Good mowing practices are perhaps the most important faction to a well-groomed appearance and the longevity of any turf grass area.

Applying mulch conserves soil moisture, improves fertility and the health of the soil. It also reduces weed growth while enhancing the visual appeal of the area.

Pruning: cutting away dead or overgrown branches or stems, especially to increase growth.

It influences grass color, gives grass the ability to recover from stress and helps prevent weed invasion and disease.

Spring and fall clean-ups are an important time to assess and clean the property after the long winter months, as well as prepare for the oncoming warmer weather.

Should be done twice a year and will protect your home from water damage and other related work.

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